Renewable energy for your home:FeaturedRenew

Simply and clear explanation on what you need to know for your home Renewable energy is not complicated.  It is a simple effective way to save money, make money and cut carbon.  There are 4 main types of renewable energy for use in homes – have a look through the links below to find out more.

Types of renewable energy:

Solar Panels – solar panels that are fixed to your roof, or ground-mounted on your land
Biomass Boilers – boilers that burn wood pellets, logs or chips instead of oil, gas or electricity
Heat Pumps – pumps that use heat in the ambient air or ground to heat your home
Solar Thermal – solar water heating panels that are fixed to your roof to provide hot water for your home

Domestic Policies • Feed in Tariffs – the government scheme that pays you for generating electricity • Renewable Heat Incentive Premium Payment – the government scheme that helps you with the initial cost of your heating system (up to £2300) • Domestic Energy Efficiency – the first steps you can take to lowering your energy bills

Confused about Renewable energy in Wigan? Then email us, or just give us a call, so we can clarify your queries, and help you to understand what is relevant for you and your home.