Chimney Sweep Wigan

Before you install a new stove, you must have your chimney swept and smoke tested by either a registered chimney sweep or the HETAS engineer installing the stove.

imagesTZODBORQEither of these qualified people will be able to inspect the condition of the chimney and the results of the smoke test will reveal whether or not your chimney is leaking. If it is leaking then you are advised to have your chimney lined to comply with current building regulations.

With a stove, 75% of the heat goes into the room and only 25% heat goes up the chimney and this means that the smoke from a stove is great deal cooler than from any open fire appliance.

The result of this is that a stove will usually never manage to bring a masonry chimney up to operating temperature and the cooling smoke will condense, causing excess soot and, more dangerously, tar deposits.

For those reasons it is strongly recommended to sweep your chimney at least once a year if you burn smokeless fuels and at least twice a year if you burn wood logs.

Our experience chimney sweeper technician will fully seal the chimney opening which will prevent any soot or debris from entering the room. Once the chimney has been swept, we will remove any remaining soot/debris with an industrial vacuum safely, ensuring the chimney is free from any blockages. Your local chimney sweep Wigan.

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